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Virtual Book Launch 

We invite you to our booklaunch of the brand new book brought to you by Nils van Dam and Dado van Peteghem titled ‘Metasystems, how trust can change the world’. 

When? June 25, 10am-11am CEST.
What? Free event presented by the authors.
Where? Completely virtual.

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About the Book

In the past 30 years, technology has caused wave after wave of disruptive developments, each crashing onto society and business alike. With the tide building and the pace accelerating, the next wave promises to come in big. Being systemic and increasingly complex, what we are up against are challenges that touch society as a whole.

For companies, this means it’s no longer about crafting the best product or service. Our old ways of doing business are falling short, while the future proves too fast and too complex to go at it alone. The solution lies in no longer thinking in terms of competition, but in finding ways to formulate answers together. In recognising the human factor matters, in knowing trust is essential, in believing a company’s purpose should weigh more than its profit.

This book gives companies the tools to build mutually beneficial, equal and sincere partnerships. We call them metasystems, and we believe them to be the most suitable armour for the next decade. 




About the authors

Nils van Dam and Dado van Peteghem have a long-standing experience in business and know it is hard to face challenges today when tomorrow is uncertain. If you don’t know where you’re heading, how can you survive, let alone excel? Working together, the authors have distilled a proposal to navigate the next decade. This book is a powerful plea for metasystems as genuine networks of equal partners, which thrive on trust and purpose.

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